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FLAT PATTERNING 3 Day class. October 7-9


Flat patterning is the foundation to all costume patterning.  You will learn the foundations to create custom patterns of all sorts.  It is the foundation to all costume patterning.  Understanding flat patterning will  improve the way that you assemble a costume and alter or size exsisting patterns.

Patterning 1

** Making the basic men's and women's body block and making changes to the basic slopers (body block)
** Moving darts, changing seams and style lines
** I will show an adjustment I make to the system in the book to line up the waist of the front and back body blocks to make altering easier.
** Also in part one, I will show you how to continue the method to add a high hip into the body block, which is perfect for making theatrical and ballet bodices.

Patterning 2

** Sleeves and collars
** Making a basic sleeve block and modifying it into a two-piece sleeve, then examine adding sleeve fullness.
** Historical sleeves
** We will also draft both a basic standing collar and a Peter Pan Collar-- a collar that leaves the neck, raises up, and returns to the garment (a collar with a roll line)

Patterning 3

** We will make a basic pant block and a skirt block
** I will make modifications to both using the same principals from class parts one and two


We will work some in miniature and some in full size.  All materials and tools provided.