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1770 W. Berteau Avenue, Suite #409

Chicago, IL 60613




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Join Travis Halsey, costume designer at Chicago's Halsey Onstage, to learn how to make a basic leotard that is great for dancers or athletes! Travis will demonstrate how to enlarge from a 1/3 scale pattern, adjust the neck line, change the shape of the leg line and basic assembly. This is an amazing system to learn! He will teach radial projection to enlarge your pattern. It's a great technique as you can create infinite patterns in miniature and then easily enlarge them.


The "Booty Short" course guides you in patterns created to fit men, women, and children. You can use the principles of drafting these shorts to also draft custom tights!

"Leotard II" will build upon the foundations learned in the Basic Leotard Drafting and Assembly Course (Leotard I). It is highly recommended that you have taken the Booty Short course, as this class will also build upon that foundation, as well as Leotard I.

The "Leotard II" course will explore drafting sleeves and adding shorts and skirts to your custom-drafted leotards, as well as finishing necklines.



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